Employee Disinterest Costs Money

How engaged are your employees? Employee engagement has been linked by Gallup to customer loyalty, profitability and other business outcomes.  In other words, it LITERALLY pays for businesses to have engaged employees.

In the Gallup report on workplace satisfaction and employee engagement, statistics show that approximately two-thirds of employees are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged. Continue reading


Cut Cut Cut! Tactics for Reducing Expenses in Your Business

For many businesses, expenses can become bloated over time. Because we are focused on the day to day operations, we don’t monitor things closely, allowing slow creep upward in costs.

Sometimes cost-cutting is essential to improve margins in the face of a sales slump. But it can also be important to do strategic cost-cutting, a different matter altogether. This process, as Forbes contributor Rodger Howell notes, “helps ensure an organization is ready for growth” with a focus on “aspects of the business that are controllable while freeing up resources” that can lead to future growth. Continue reading


Insider Secrets: Secret Sauce for Successful Entrepreneurs

Grit. That is what we often think about when we think of an entrepreneurial success story. We envision someone who persevered through the thousands of obstacles, issues, and fear-inducing challenges along the way. And there is truth in that.

Depending on how you slice the data, there are just over 1 million small businesses operating coast-to-coast, according to the Government of Canada information. That means aside from those million that have reached a level of success and size to be recognized within the data, there are hundreds of thousands, perhaps another million or more, entrepreneurs who are laboring, struggling, and striving toward their dreams. Continue reading


9 Conflict Areas in Family-Run Businesses

Balancing Act: When Family and Business Intertwine

For most families, spending time together is enjoyable and fulfilling. So in theory, the idea of working with family to build a business is an attractive proposition.

There are examples across the country of successful family-owned and operated businesses – many of them household names. Large and well-known brands like Bombardier, McCain Foods, and Molson Coors are family businesses. In Canada, approximately 80% of all businesses in Canada are family-owned and they are responsible for about 60% of Canada’s GDP per year. Continue reading


A Simple Approach to Employee Motivation

Most business owners approach employee incentives with mixed emotions.

They want to get employees performing better, but they are frustrated that the team are not inherently self-motivated simply because they were hired to do a job and they don’t want to give up too much of an already limited bottom line.

This isn’t about greed. It is really about the constant memory of the early days, when they typically worked endless hours for a pittance. Now that some of that effort is finally bearing fruit, he or she is being asked to share a chunk of it to get the workers to do what they should be doing anyway. Continue reading


Five Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Failure

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your opportunities for success. You can develop your skills, increase your knowledge, foster positive relationships and make connections with your industry peers, and manage your time efficiently. But if you’re doing all those things and still not achieving your goals, there may be one that’s thing holding you back: the fear of failure. If the fear of failure is getting in the way of your progress, there are some steps you can take to overcome your anxiety and increase your self-confidence. Continue reading


Think it’s time to push to the next stage of growth?

Even the most successful CEO can get stuck in the rut of  “business as usual.” If you have been in business a long time, if you have been discouraged by challenges with partners or customers, perhaps if you have seen dramatic changes in your industry, you can become wedged in inertia. It is hard to innovate. It is hard to see beyond the challenges. It can be difficult to get redirected and refocused. Continue reading